gut health

I love when I feel good – especially after eating something. There are so many things I do to maintain a healthy gut, to get the juices flowing, to make sure I’m regular. It influences my mood so so much – as a healthy gut can alleviate depression, anxiety and your mood.

I’m just going to be super real with you guys, because you know what, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re interested and you care about your gut, are interested in what I have to say, and you just want some honest talk. Well ya know what, I’m all about that honesty and truth, so especially on a topic like gut health, we’ve gotta get real.

I went last year on a week yoga teacher training and the food was incredible (huge shout out to Kripalu!! Do a mini retreat or yoga teacher training here- amazing amazing amazing) – almost too incredible because there was so many options so you wanted to try everything. Having everything on your plate is not always such a good idea. I think it overwhelms the digestion. On top of all the food overstimulation, I was living in accomodation with like twenty women. These women were mostly all menopausal as well so that meant like five high powered fans going at all times. I definitely am a person that likes my space, espeically at night – like who doesn’t? I like the room to be completely dark and completely silent. So this was disturbing and made it nearly impossible for me to get some shut-eye. I literally did not sleep the whole first night. I was on the top bunk (I really think the invention of bunks is not great lol)… with all the turning over, my bunk mate was not happy with me! Which made it even that more difficult to sleep.

So let me explain a vata dosha (quintessentially me) briefly so y’all can understand why this all had a huge impact on my digestion :

A vata dosha (in Ayurveda) has delicate and variable digestion. This type of person is more prone to loss of appetite, irregular bowel movements, and constipation. Our daily activities have a big impact on our health. A routine, practiced daily, is stronger medicine than an occasional remedy. Consistency is of particular importance for a vata dosha.

I have learned consistency is key to my wellbeing! My body works sooo well off three consistent meals a day- at specific times (not too strict because that’s just too stressful). But if you’re not a vata dosha, and instead are pita and kapha- this may not suit you at all!

One rule does not fit all.

I beleive in general guidelines (like just try to eat a wholefoods, healthy, clean diet) and then be intuitive! What works well for you? Listen to your body.

This was the first time in my life where I was literally constipated for nearly five days… oh my lord, I felt like it was one of the worst things I had ever experienced. I felt like without that release, I was legit holding onto everything – emotions and everythangggg! I do not wish that upon anyone. The large intestine is there to release toxins and energetically, emotions.

So you know what I did to try to get my digestion back on track? I created more of a basic meal on my plate instead of overloading the senses. I drank all the tea and water. I ate prunes… that seemed to help although that kind of stuff doesn’t really affect me too much (VATA). I eat all the dates regularly and not much of a change on my bowels. I also changed where I was sleeping… that was crucial – to remove the anixety and stress of that experience so I could toss and turn and be in my own zone with some pretty cool gals (scream synchronicity). Any who, just wanted to share that experience as it was not fun! Gut health and normal bowel movement is very awesome… seriously, it makes you feel all the goods- light, mobile, and energetic !

As a vegan, and a healthy vegan, not just one that eats all of the noodles, I have to think a lot about what I put into my body – to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients, minerals, and lemme not forget PROTEIN because that’s what ya’ll are afraid I couldn’t possibly get enough of. Haaaa but really! So anyways, I eat three meals a day because that is good for me! I really think breakfast is super important – move your body around in the morning, get the blood flowing, move the prana through your body with some breath work. It depends on the day and how you’re feeling but it’s important to do something good for your mind and body, which will also help your bowels start moving things around.

GUT HEALTH TIPS (tried and true)

  • Tip #1) Get that digestive fire going with warm water (about 1/4 glass) with lemon and apple cider vinegar (ACV) when you first wake up. This is literally the first thing I do in the AM everyday.
  • Tip #2) Eat dinner early (around 5:30/6PM). Eating late in the night leaves the body on a ‘high alert’ state, which interferes with the circadian rhythm. It also prevents our body from powering down. If on the other hand, food is taken earlier, it is not only digested better, you sleep well and wake up feeling energized.
  • Tip #3) If you feel you need it, take a probiotic before bed. Don’t take a probiotic throughout the day if you have eaten because those digestive juices and acids will eat those new bacteria you’re trying to incorporate into your microbiome.

If this spoke to you, and you’re curious about how to have a healthy gut, head over to Simon’s Plant Proof podcast on gut health. Amazing. Thanks for reading guys- lemme know what you do to have a healthy gut!! There are so many things you can do, but remember, listen to your own intuition ❤ love always, feel good!

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  1. Informative post, thnx


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