cbd heal me

Ahhhhh I feel like I can take on the world after a few drops of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil… no joke. I can speak in front of a room, take on a confronting conversation, deal with the stresses of school. I feel like it allows me to focus on one task at a time, rather than feel debilitated by the whole mass of stuff I need to accomplish.

It’s hard to say this, although it’s easier after facing my own shadow (holla if you know about shadow work! I’ll illuminate on this sometime soon), but I am someone who has chronic depression and in turn deal with anxiety very regularly. The anxiety has definitely gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. When I say these things, maybe you can relate as you may deal with some of these things as well… but generally if you haven’t, it’s hard to understand exactly how that feels… but anywho! For me, seeing if CBD oil could finally help me was something I had to give a go even though I had become very strict with myself for the last couple of years, as I had went cold turkey off weed, alcohol, swearing, and had went celibate for a couple of years. I still thought, ahhh alright, well I might as well give this CBD oil thing a go – as long as it doesn’t get me high! I had seen so many articles and posts about it’s benefits, so why not – as I’m definitely not into meds and love to seek out alternatives and preventative methods such as yoga and nutrtition.

I had begun my Masters and like a charm, my anxiety was back super bad due to school, like it had been triggered by so many times in the past. I literally did not think I could continue with school. I started reading up on CBD and trying to see how the heck I could get my hands on some, since now the difficult part was that I was in Australia where this is illegal, unlike the States. Funny enough… cue synchronicity and algorithms… a post relating to CBD popped up on Facebook by a new friend of mine in one of my classes, so I message her and she said she’d gift me a bottle. How divineeeee! School didn’t seem so stressful anymore. One task at a time. It helped me at work, be able to not freak out or react without thinking. I could handle everything calmly. Amazing. Literally, CBD oil is my new best friend.

It’s recommended to take two-four drops under the tongue morning and evening. It is like an adaptogen, either calming or energising you, whatever you need. It builds up, accumulating in the body, so that it acts like a buffer throughout your life, not just affecting you immediately after the dosage. Friends of mine often want to try CBD oil, just taking a drop, but I feel that it is a build up over time that you’ll notice. You’ll notice a calming feeling that also helps you get out of bed and start accomplishing the list of things you need to get done.


  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • muscle recovery (for those excersize fanatics)
  • relieve pain
  • peace
  • energy
  • acheive clarity, not a high


  • literally anyone – hehehe try it!!

My fave is 750 mg full spectrum isotope in MCT oil. MCT oil is my preferred oil because it is just good for that brain of yours… medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Due to their shorter chains, MCTs enter your cells without being broken down, so they can be used as an immediate source of energy by your brain.

You won’t get high – I promise. Give it a try if you’re curious – especially if you’re in the U.S., so accessible now everywhere!

Once again, thanks for reading. Lots of love and healing vibes xx And happy full moon in Aquarius… I hope you’re not feeling too swallowed up in emotions. Says me whose a moon Aquarius… hehehe love always xx

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