cacao plant medicine

If you’ve ever experienced the magical heart vibration coming from mama cacao through intention and ceremony… you know! Wow, what an amazing high vibe. I have been so fortunate to be here in beautiful Perth where it just seems to be one cacao ceremony offering after the next. There is such a high vibe community here – it is welcoming me with open hands, seeing what I will come forth to accept and what not. It is there for me for the taking. I feel so at home with vibrational beings here – open to expand. It is very much the place for me to be. I wanted to share the beauty of this cacao as you may not know of it or maybe it has been on your horizon for some time.

Huge shout out to Tim Morrison and his partner, Sammi Jane, for the most amazing cacao healing sound shamanic evening. Timmy has spent much time with shamans in Peru to be able to deliver these amazing healing cacao sound ceremonies that are so out of this world. The instruments and sounds transport you to a whole new level. If you’re around Australia, have a look for when he is around your area for an amazing journey (

First and foremost, I just want to say there is such power in intention. What we fuel our bodies with, for example, could be a superfood – full of those good antioxidants – but if I am eating in a state of fear, of bad energy and worry, I am filling my body also with this. The food will no longer serve me with power and high vibrations. I have been vegan now for four or so years and I really believe that being strict, especially when travelling and in communities of offering, will constrain you in many ways. Food can be given with such beautiful intention but if I am strict and scant due to the limitation I’m placing on myself, I’ll be consuming also the fear and the unacceptance of offering. There have been times when I’ve ordered a pizza, so hungry, on the road, neeeeeding fuel – that when I recieve it, and it is such an empty pizza because some pizza shops still don’t know how to dish out a darn good vegan pizza… I freak out and think, omg, I can’t believe I just paid for this terrible pizza that will leave me hungry and omg…. I can go on a downward spiral and not give it up. Wow – how terrible this anger and just sudden disgust can fill me. Has this ever happened to you? I’ve identified it as hangry… but next level lol. And I guess as someone who is vegan with low blood pressure, I can get triggered when I’m hungry…. but I’m seriously working on it. I actually recently was gifted a pizza – and the person forgot to say no cheese – and you know what! I gracefully accepted this gift and consumed this heavenly pizza, no freak out, and damn, that felt good. My stomach didn’t react… and I could digest this pizza and the good emotions in my body. The point I’m trying to convey is that intention is everything. Someone can say they’ll pray for you with no intent of actually doing so. Truth, embodiment, and awareness… be so on point with your intent that it just will unfold with a smile… and in turn will create and manifest.

A cacao ceremony is all about that intent. It can be a cermony with yourself or a community to come into a celebration of intention – the cup of strong cacao held at your heart centre, with all focus and intent of whatever it may be for you, pouring into that cup that you will then drink, sip by sip (as it is super intense! so strong tasting, not like a hot chocolate – it is plant medicineeeeee my friends) as we pour that intention into our heart’s vibrational centre. Closing the eyes and doing breath work is so important for this powerful integration. I want to illuminate on some easy breath work if you don’t know what it is… here is an easy break work tool: breathing in through the nose, into the belly and feeling it expand and blossom – and then a short hold (and you can say inside your head internally for a mental anchor ~ 1 aum, 2 aum) – and then exhale 2 seconds longer than that inhale, and a short pause once again – cycling through the breath. It is so beautiful to use the breath to anchor yourself to the moment, to not let the thoughts flutter you away from the divine messages, from stillness, from a blossoming and deeper understanding. Cacao can do all of that and breath work is the tool to help you recieve it!

Cacao is a self awakening tool but also such a beautiful divine way to have sacred community. Sharing and giving this divine medicine can be so healing. It is different for everyone. It can heal ancestral pain, heal relationships or old wounds, and bring you peace. As always, expect nothing. Come into any journey just with an open mind. If cacao is calling you, answer yes, answer yes to yourself. Answer yes to abundance and manifestation. Inhale love, exhale negativity.

What you can experience during a cacao ceremony:

  • A heart expansion of oneness and love
  • Healing therapy – releasing blocks, recognizing patterns, following your heart
  • Finding a connection to your highest self, your own power and truth
  • A space to enter into meditation – being able to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you
  • A balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body (this was soooo true for me!! the shakti and shiva became so present for me)
  • Enhanced creativity

After the ceremony, for the days and weeks onward, you’ll also feel these changes weave into your life. Big changes can occur… huge. I am becoming very in-tune with my highest self recently. Do you believe in plant medicine? Is it on your radar? It has been speaking to me so much lately. So this is scared heart opening cacao. Tell me what you think, if it speaks to you, if you’ve felt it. Always with love xoxo Tif

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