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Hello lovely ones ~~ there are things we do to keep us in tune, in the flow, healthy and just the better version of ourselves. Maybe you do something without even knowing it, like a morning routine, that keeps you in tuneeee with you. I think a bit of a routine in your life is good and keeps you in balance. We always crave a bit of yang – spontaneity – of course, when we are in our day to day lives, but a routine helps our body have some stability in the world so when chaos is thrown your way you can stay grounded. Some of my faves in my morning routine are warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar – helps the digestive fire (known in Ayurveda as agni) to begin in the morning, which the digestive fire is important for digesting food but also our emotions…

I am very passionate about all things self-care, Ayurveda, yoga, detox, healing vibes from the within and out. I wanted to share some practices I do regularly to detoxify, that are easy to incorporate into your life.

  1. Tongue scraping ~~ an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves scraping the tongue with stainless steel or copper every morning to remove the ama – or the toxins that are removed from your body while you sleep, and it appears on the tongue. It is pretty crazy once you do it regularly and see how much is on your tongue, and how the color changes due to your wellbeing and stress state. It removes 30% more bacteria than with a toothbrush. Tonguescrape from back to front about 8 times in the morning. It’s amazing and really is gratifying.
I prefer stainless steel as I am more susceptible to copper toxicity – which if you’ve ever had it – it is nooo fun!

2. Nasya oil ~~ another favourite Ayurvedic practice of mine. I know all these practices can seem very new and strange but trust me – amazing. Basically it is a warming oil with medicinal herbs that you drop (about 3-4 drops) into each of the nostrils and sniffffffff sharply on each side. It’s very awakening and beneifical for the drier times of the year, such as winter.

  • It helps excess mucous, congestion.
  • It lubricates the nasal passage, preventing allergies.
  • Prevents headaches, earaches, sore throat.
  • Relieves tension from neck, head and shoulder area.
  • Gives more mental clarity, calms down the nervous system.

My favourite is from Banyan Botanicals… really good company with all the Ayurvedic goods.

3. Coffee enemas~~ And I saved my favourite for last hehehe so I have introduced weekly coffee enemas into my life. The ultimate detox to rid yourself of built up toxins that accumulate in the colon.Let me just say first, if you don’t know what an enema is, it is an injection of fluid into the rectum and the large intestine.  Years and years of stored toxins can reside here, which can be due largely to stress. I know that when I do an enema after a time of a lot of stress, wow, can I tell the difference between that enema and another during a time that is not as stressful. To put it simply, you use coffee for your enema that is a green coffee – so it is easier and less harsh on your system. Let two tablespoons of coffee steep, sit and become warm. Pour into your bag – see below for the set up – and make sure no grinds get into your bag – although the bag will not flow if they’re are grinds in, which is good, so don’t worry – it’ll just mean that you’ll have to take the grinds out if they did get in there. Then I like to go into my room, hang the bag nice and high, and lay onto my right side so that it will trigger release of the liver. Our liver is the main organ which filters toxins from our body.

  • A compound in coffee called cafestol palmitate stimulates the activity of an enzyme called glutathione S-transferase, which opens up the bile duct in the liver – which helps to release more bile from the liver to break down food components and improve digestion.

And then there you go, play an awesome podcast – my faves at the moment are The Balanced Blonde and The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose – and let the coffee enema sit inside your colon for as long as possible. It varies! Every moment we are changing. Sometimes it can be 5 minutes or 30 minutes.


  • Improved energy and clarity of mind;
  • Reduced bloating and gas;
  • Relief from constipation;
  • Liver cleansing;
  • Removal of parasites and toxins;
  • Reduction in everyday aches and pains;
  • Clearer skin.

Then you go to the toilet and will be there for a little while expelling everything. It is truly amazing how much this will make you realise how important it to do coffee enemas. It is not like shitting! I just need to say, it is very very different and you will know that your body is releasing deep set toxins.

Afterwards you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. I like to have an herbal tea afterwards and just take it slow. I do some yoga or some writing, meditating, baking. Just really nourishing – nowhere to rush off to. Just me and my elevated self.

So that’s it for now ~~ maybe give one of them a try, especially if it has been mentioned or on your periphery for some time. When something is mentioned again and again, take it as a sign that the universe is nudging you to go in that direction. Namaste dear souls ~~ take time for you! Say no and say yes to you – pour your cup to the brim so you keep on giving and not deplete yourself. I feel like energetically we all feel depleted at the moment… so now more than ever, take this time for you.

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