transitions and moon cycles

find the time to sit still and just be – being instead of doing

When you move, it comes with a lot of unknowingness, moving parts, and a go-go mentality. I feel like I am super-woman and if any moment goes wasted, without my check-list of buying new furniture, going to a yoga class to meet people, to go see all the things new near me – I feel like I’m wasting some serious time. Who is even checking up on me? Just me. No one I know really feels this way to constantly feel like they need to go-go-go to feel super accomplished and purposeful. Of course it makes things happen a lot quicker… like a new job, new friend, or new routine… but often with these super speedy transitional phases, I can throw my whole system out of whack. This often means that I’ll be super late on my moon cycle… like two weeks late. I am someone who believes that having a cycle is super healthy and indicative of one’s health. If it’s abnormally late, which happens to me always in these times of transition, it means I am taxing my body. My body is in a state of unknown, of doing, with a forever unending list of tasks. I am meeting new people constantly, smiling, being open and raw.

It can feel like a lot of limbo to be in the time following the due date of your cycle. Hormones feel high and also stagnant. It just feels like a major release is is need of happening… yet with every passing day, you feel like welppp… what to do? You feel like crying and running and sitting and watching a movie and baking…. the hormones… they’re just so out of whack.

As someone who lost their cycle for three years!! due to overexercise and eating basically the minimum my body required (pretty wild stuff here! I lost over 15lbs in one month from working out hours a day, cutting bread out of my diet among other dieting). So to be regular again, I take my cycle pretty seriously and let it speak to me, in the sense of trying to listen to my body during the phases of the cycle (I strongly recommend reading the book: “Moving with the Moon: Yoga, Movement and Meditation for Every Phase of your Menstrual Cycle and Beyond” by Ana Davis). This means that the week prior to my cycle, it is a time to be more withdrawn, more creative, to take more time to say no to others so I can do exactly what I want to do and not feel guilty about it. It is a time to eat more grounding, nourishing foods. It is a time to start eating the sweets and the chocolate so that the body can feel ready to shed the lining and begin anew again. It is a time to sloooowwwww down, which is hard for me! I can never do enough in a day, I could exercise myself to a point of getting sick, literally. I just love movement and doing.

I just wanted to pop on here to share some nourishing things to begin your cycle again with awareness. Eat! Nourish! Slow down! My key key key tips. Say no a little bit more. Take time to work on you – write, read, stay cuddled on the couch. Take a walk in the woods. Do slow yoga flows, yin, meditate. Float. Acupuncture. Massage. There are so many ways to slow down. For someone who is so go-go-go, exercise fanatic… saying no to a surf-sesh is hard, but hey! It may just be exactly what your body needs. Listen to that.

find the time to sit on the couch after making your own chocolate…
on a double boiler:
cacao butter, cacao, honey, cinnamon, sea salt, maca
– whatever else you feel like 🙂 I recently did chopped hazelnuts – amaaaazing

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