the art of moving

Perth is more than OK.

Hellllooo beautiful cosmic souls – I have felt so so so in tune with the universe on this recent move ~ for those of you that don’t know, I have most recently moved from the east coast of Australia (TOWNSVILLE) to the complete opposite side of this country to the very western city of PERTH (I will share about this move soon – it involved driving across the center of Australia – so fun!!). I have had the universe communicate with me in so many ways that this is completely right and completely the right timing. Nothing felt wrong about this move – in my mind or about the transition. No nagging thought spoke to me – is this right? As soon as the idea of this change formed in my mind, it was a done deal within a day. I may be a bit impulsive, but everything told me to get out of Townsville, as soon as possible. I am speaking of course of my own experience there, as it was not all bad, but my soul felt trapped there and inceredibly boxed in. Before even first going there, my soul told me no, don’t go. Everything inside me told me it was not what I wanted… but of course I didn’t listen. I always seem to do that ~ it does suck and I feel like ~ duhhhh you already knew this! but hey, at least then I know for sure that this is not meant for me… and I’ll never wonder what if and will be able to be completely where I venture off to next, whether it be a job, place, or relationship. So now I know – and can I just tell you – this may be the best move of my life. Every moment I could just scream out of joy with the biggest grin on my face. Everything is so me – and the path is paved so beautifully – literally the most aligned people, homes, jobs are falling right into my lap. Everything is so my vibe… I am home.

Lunar eclipse yellow moon at sunrise – a good sign!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that this is not always the case with me. I usually go through quite a lot of hardship wherever I go because I have truly been a lost soul, for a very long time, and like I said, I’m a very impulsive person. So anyways, I felt inspired to write this because I’m sure a lot of people want to make a move, too. And whoever you may be, you may think that this sounds so good but so impossible.

Go where you’ve always wanted to go. A place you may have been before that you just feel super connected with. You can go with nothing even set in stone. It might feel scary but there are hostels to stay at, or Airbnb’s, so you can take a peek at the places you can rent – which I highly recommend because you can’t feel a place until you feel it in person. Jobs. You can find them there – but of course my advice is to have financial backing at the time of move to make everything fall into your favor instead of acting out of desperation. This is a recipe for failure. But it can still work out… I’ve done that many, many times but it just means things will fall into place a little bit more hectically and will take longer to be perfect.. but you’ll always find those people that will pick you up and be connected to your vibe.

Another travel move tip – do what you love and you’ll find your tribe effortlessly. I guess it’s a little bit easier when you’re chatty like me. I have connected to so many people by going to yoga – I even met someone last night after yoga, asking her about her yoga mat back strap – and we were like instant soul sisters – with the same name, born the same month, into all the same things – instant vibe connection. Trust me, it’s that easy, but it involves getting out and talking to people, smiling, and doing exactly what you love. People always tell me that they use dating apps to meet someone for a relationship – I am always like, girrrrrrrl- just go on a bloody walk or talk to someone anywhere you go. I literally go to coffee shops, yoga, a bar by myself in so many parts of this world and always can walk out with a new bestie or even a new date. It’s that easy!! Haaaaaa I have a couple go-to lines to break the ice but seriously, it’s easy – just don’t be afraid. We’re all humans and we all crave connection, whether it’s walking out the door at the same time and you just ask them what they’re up to for the rest of the day. It’s weirder I my opinion to walk the same stride and not say something. (I also just want to say, I’ve been in very remote, isolated places as well where this isn’t possible – so I’m talking about a normal place where you can meet someone – usually speak the same language)

Hmmm, what else… I just want everyone to listen to their gut and instinct and the voice telling them if someone is a hell yes or a hell no. It’s often loud and clear.. whether something needs to change or not. We always think that it’s not the right time, that we need to wait for more money, or that you’re afraid to be alone or whatever it may be… there is never a right time. It will work out… and if it doesn’t, you gave it a go and you’ll never look back. You’ll know about the grass on the other side and then you can appreciate the grass that you were given. I just keep trying until I get it right.. and look at that, moves and more moves later, I have finally nailed it. It involved knowing what makes up your ingredients for happiness, for sure…. Perth for me is just so me… but it may not be so you. A place does have some of that secret good stuff for you to be happy where you are. Are you tropical? Are you temperate? Think about it, it’s super important, it’s your life we’re talking about here, and time is the most precious $$ so you better get to trying to find your happiness. It may not even involve a move, it could be changing a relationship and just uplifting your vibe. I think often we find all these changes so scary, afraid of not knowing how to fill the void of being on our own. Moving means leaving everything we know behind, leaving our routine, our favourite gym, our coffee buddies. Transition and moving far, far away means a lot of time of finding you, and all the things that make you happy. You know, we do have those tools already deep within ourselves – we can be alone – we don’t need to be in. a relationship or friendship that doesn’t serve us to make us feel whole and less lonely. It might feel a bit boring time to time in this time of alone time before finding your tribe – but all good things take time, I promise you. Just don’t rush it. Relish in the time of the sweetness of being in your vibe before someone comes along… they might just be the exact soul person you need. It might be a time for you to do something you have never done before – which sounds scary but oh boy can something so good come out of that. Take the time to do all the things you need to do to work on yourself, all the things you’ve left to do later… like maybe writing that book you’ve always wanted to write, or take that course to become whatever you’ve always dreamt of.

I’m going to finish this with don’t let fear stop you. Know that change will only allow the possibility for you to blossom – and the ability for you to learn something. Knowledge is power.

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