Hostel life

Hands up if you’ve stayed at a backpackers?! Has it been a good or bad experience? It can be awful or really really good, with few in-betweens in my opinion. There is criteria that makes it good… which seems rather easy to do.

Here we go for the good hostels:

1. CLEAN – this goes for the walls, the kitchen, the bathroom… holy cAnnoli a bunch of dust or smears on the walls or dishes piled up everywhere in the kitchen can be a major no. Beer bottles piled up on tables… also no. I really can’t even begin to understand how backpAckers can party every night into the wee hours EVERY NIGHT…. I’ll get into that later.

2. There website says exactly what they offer with no hidden lies and the staff knows what they offer — like free bikes and free parking and unlimited free WiFi. When these things are untrue and staff look at you like you’re crazy — no bueno! We all like to do our research before arriving and when everything is a surprise… it’s not very fun

3. Helpful with providing events and things around the city you’re in— honestly one of the greatest reasons to go to a hostel. I’ve found so many cool hikes, beaches, etc from staying at a hostel. Give me those details! I’m a visitor and don’t know the area

4. Cool, hip, and modern— it’s a good place to relax from exploring a city, there’s books to read and movies to watch. People that are friendly and nice to play guitar with.

I think that is really the basic criteria that makes a hostel GOOD— and of course they’re often in really central locations which make them perfect for exploring a new city.

So the bad stuff that makes a hostel literally hell after enjoying the open skies and stars on the beautiful open road… are obviously the opposite of above mentioned. The atmosphere can change dramatically due to the people staying at the hostel and the climate that is created by the humans there. These are a couple of things that make a hostel BAD:

1. A bunch of drunks that never leave the hostel— this is just so so bad, negative and toxic. The backpacking culture in Australia has a bit of a bad rep. I’ve been to a couple of hostels in AUS where the majority of the people at the hostel have been living there for months, working pretty shit jobs and then just coming back to the hostel and drinking. They have very negative energy about Australia and just seem like they’d like anything but what they’re doing. These are mostly 20-22 year olds. Going to bed at 4 in the morning almost every night and then SNORING like they’re going to die. Thank you for that awesome night sleep. Also the worst when no one seems to be picking up after themselves… very negative energy

2. Saggy beds- the twin bunk beds have obviously never been changed from years and years of having people sleep on them. My back aches.

Basically my point is – there are very good and very bad experiences with hostels. It’s amazing when it’s good! And he’ll when it’s not. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars for a good night sleep once you leave if it’s bad.

Today an Airbnb can be just as cheap as a hostel, however it might not have that central location in the city. There is pros and cons— and I think with age these change as well. As someone who is 26, I think I’m well over my hostel days. I love a good Airbnb and my own space. What do you think? What have been your experiences?

After a recent stay at Pirate BackpAckers in Fremantle, Western Australia— a hell of a hostel— which has all the bad criteria— I felt compelled to share about this topic as I’m sure we’d all like to avoid a bad hostel. Share with your experiences xx keep traveling and finding the joy in everything— even a bad hostel. We stayed away like the plague and found the joy all around us in the beautiful surroundings with the endless beaches, coffee shops, markets, and all the free things there are (like the daily free bike rentals at little creatures brewery).

Be you and you’ll find you can escape the bad and just relish in the joy that you’re able to travel!!

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