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Since graduating college in 2015, I have travelled and lived around the world. From the Dominican Republic, to countless countries in Asia, to Australia and back again. I’ve become a yoga instructor, divemaster, worked several different jobs, in disaster relief, as a school teacher, and so much more. I’ve backpacked, lived in huts, homes and caravans; had dogs, cats, a balcony overlooking the ocean. I’ve loved and had my heart broken. I’ve learned to speak Nepalese, Spanish, and countless other bits of language. If you’ve followed along over the years, I’m sure you know this all… but it’s always good to just reflect and think wow… those last four years have flown by!

It’s now 2019. I’m back in Australia, where I’ve now lived for a total of about 2.5 years (over the last 7 years). I’m here to do my MASTERS IN MARINE BIOLOGY…. so cool! More about that later.

It’s a no-brainer I love this country. The chilled out vibe, public beaches, interesting animals, and of course the countless friendships I’ve made here; are what keep bringing me back. When I was back in the states, I actually asked a psychic why do I feel so good in Australia?
She told me, You’ve lived many lives there. It’s where you can be most yourself. My creativity and potential soars here.

I so feel that way about this place. The soil, the earth, the ocean… just makes me feel understood and at home. I am not afraid, I feel in tune with my soul. It’s an amazing feeling to know yourself. These statements have resonated with me lately:

No one is you, and that is your power.

It’s either a ‘Hell yes’ or ‘Hell no.’

(Can you believe that a yoga class yesterday, I picked up a deck of tarot cards and like always, I close my eyes while flipping through the deck of cards and breathe tummy breaths and wait until there is kind of like a grabbing signal telling me, oh this is the card! So anyways, I draw the card and it is this saying. Mind blown! Find your top priorities! For me right now, back in college, there is soo many things and people that are making me feel like ooooh yea, I’ll do that and that and do this… and then at the end of the day I’m like, what did I even do? I’m so tired! I didn’t even do what I wanted to do. I’ll say it again… Its either a ‘Hell yes’ or ‘Hell no!’)

Don’t let anyone define you. Growth is beautiful and sometimes we outgrow people, things, and places. (I do believe in geoastrology… just learned about that recently! and I’m sure a lot of you feel that intuitively, some places raise your vibe more than others. Basically geoastrology means that yes– you do have more high vibe places due to your stars than other places… you feel me?). That is not wrong. You’ll always attract your tribe. I’m really feeling like I am operating from a place of truth, sincerity, and a place of discovery… unearthing and turning over every stone. It feels good. I realize not every person wants to look at that ‘ugly’ stuff though, and that’s okay, but that does not resonate with me.

Anyways, I love talking about all the vibes… but I wanted to talk about my recent road trip up the East Coast of Australia (!!! so cool that I got to experience this!) and my transition back to uni life! Wow, lots has happened in such a short period of time.

I was working hectic hours at home, saving for my return to Australia. Wow, it paid off. Since returning to Australia, I lived on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula over the aussie summer… I feel so lucky every time I am there. It is gorgeous and I have the best job and friends there. It is the best life. I have bought a really nice 4wd car… such an awesome treat: so much more room than the last car I drove across the bottom half of Australia last year.

This is just one of the many beaches on the peninsula.. spoiled for choice! so wild and so few people on these back beaches

Anywho, the month and a half on the peninsula flew by. The road trip began… woooo. Let me fill you in, if you ever plan on going on the trip up the east coast. I had googled what to do, where to stay… and all that really popped up were all the touristy bits. That’s not my vibe… soooo my advice to you, is get advice from a mate that has already done it. If they’re your mate, I’m sure the advice they’ll give you is right up your alley and also will provide you with little details/places that you won’t find off of google.

Here’s some of my highlights from Melbourne up to Townsville 🙂


Wilson’s Prom… my forever fave

Mallacoota-ocean beach had the most amazing rocks and seashells… couldn’t even handle it. my room is decked out in all the goodies we found on the beach

Ben Boyd National Park– near the town of Eden (how could it not be perfect with a name like that?). Cutest vegan cafe in Eden and then this awesome rainbow rock beach with no one on it for miles

Okay, so I fell in love with New South Wales. Such natural beauty everywhere! The beaches, towns, and hinterland are beautiful and super hippy. Each coastal town seemed to have a river mouth, rock pool and sweet cafes. Dug it so hard. Anyways, faves:

New South Wales:

Merimbula/Pambula-gorgeous river mouth, cafes, hidden beach gems, clear water, amazing snorkelling, cutest micro-breweries

This is Pambula Rivermouth. I am so in love… was immediately looking into real estate in the area.. but for real, amazing

Up the coast through Tathra…. amazing towns and endless places to stop. love this drive.

Bermagui– rock pool was amazing for a snorkel. Seals in the water… enough said. But really, the snorkel we saw so many different types of nudibranchs, an octopus.. it was cool

Seals were chilling in the water here for hours… not a bad lunch break

Tilba Tilba– hippie vibes… old cultural town in the hinterland… serious laid back vibes

Jervis Bay– the marine sanctuary is huge. It’s like you’re on a tropical island all of a sudden. Over 70 dive sites… this place is so cool. Hippie vibes in the town, salt lamps, crystals, essential oils, my kinda place.

Jervis Bay… white sand, blue ocean, rainforest… in love

Mollymook– go for a snorkel out the back of the golf course… sweet snorkel spot. Probably one of our faves on the trip. The water is getting warmer as you move up the coast. Tons of different nudibranchs. Clear water. Gorgeous spot

Blue Mountains– who can’t stop here… amazing. Do a hike down into the valley to get off the beaten track, you probably won’t see a soul

Port Stephens– THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE FAVE OF MINE. The beaches, the paradise, the hiking, the vibe, the dunes… I could spend so much time here. It is just out of Newcastle. Stop here!

Yamba– cutest surf, chill town… like Byron but CHILL. awesome green/blue pools for nice jump off cliffs into a hole in the AM for a wakeup.

Blue/green pools at Yamba

And my advice for Queensland… where it gets a lot warmer and tropical real quick!

The essential stops:

The Sunshine Coast hinterland– what a bloody gem! waterfalls galore, hippie towns, rainforest, microbreweries (yum! what a treat in the mountains), shopping, beauty… loveeeeeee

Agnes Waters– what a bloody gem! surf and chill vibes in this little town seemingly in the middle of nowhere. relaaaaax and feel the chill vibes

Yeppoon– chill vibes, açai bowls, beautiful lagoon, go to Keppel Island, run on the beach. Healthy chill vibes

Well, that’s just a little taste of the beauties I came across. There was so so much to explore. My favorite turned out to be the countless waterfalls in the hinterland going up the coast. You can do this trip countless times and still have more you’ll want to see and explore for the next time. Just remember, Australia is a big country! So this trip I did in two weeks… which involved driving every day, but it was still enjoyable. It is really about what you want out of your trip. I love spending so much time in a place, so two weeks is not long enough for me. While others are more of a point A to point B person and would be happy to drive the trip in 4 days. Anywho, it’s an awesome trip, and definitely one worth doing. Now I know why the East Coast of Australia is so often travelled by car. There just seems to be countless cute towns and beaches that pop up and you just want to spend some time there.

I frothed it.

If you had to ask me what trip I liked more, the East Coast of Australia, the south from Melbourne to Perth, or the West Coast of Australia… (wow! have I really done all that… wild?!) all I’ll say is that I would do them all again and again, with more time because they are all so special and amazing and different! Just go and do it! It doesn’t matter that you don’t know Australia and you think omg, I can’t do that, you can! It is such an experience to truly see the world, and know how far places can be from one place to the next. It offers patience and resilience and crafty-ness… to make meals exciting with all those canned beans.

Feel free to ask any questions! I love sharing with you all. Hope you’re all doing well and feeling inspired… and if you’re not, I’m there with you, too. Much love xx

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  1. Laura Alling says:

    It all looks so beautiful. I would love to go there someday! Maybe that bucket list !!


  2. LYNN ELLISON says:

    I so enjoy your blogs and adventures. You have a really beautiful way of making aprsonfeel like they are right there with you. 💞


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