What to do in Pokhara besides trek


I vacationed alone in Pokhara, Nepal after three months of what felt like being on 24/7 as a volunteer coordinator. 10 days to just relax and do what I pleased was God-sent and exactly what I needed.

The Himalayas

For those of you that know Nepal, Pokhara is the gateway to many of the treks in the Himalayas. I had already went twice before on these treks, so I didn’t feel in my tired state that I wanted to embark on one of these journeys again. I really just wanted to relax. Pokhara is also known for its very chilled out vibe. It’s a small little town that is easily explored by foot. I booked the same hotel I had booked the previous year, on recommendation of my Nepalese trekking guide. I love this room and hotel. I get the top room, with air con, my own shower and balcony, and the next floor up is the top of the building, which overlooks the beautiful Himalayas… which I enjoyed all hours of the day…meditating, flowing, and writing to their majestic beauty.


I had enjoyed Pokhara before, although spending only a day or two in the town before and after my treks. During that time I had of course scouted out some favorite restaurants. Am/Pm cafe was my little hideaway: an amazing organic restaurant with all the kombucha, big coffee mugs, and vegan needs. My hotel was conveniently a walk up this street, so the shop owners knew me well. Walking down the street from my hotel, past this cafe, was the beautiful lake. Lake below, mountains above. On very clear days as I walked up this street to my hotel, the mountains would be towering down, just beautifully saying hello. It was the best to see everyone, even the Nepalese, snapping photos of their sheer heights.

Yoga and meditation

Besides spending time at my hotel looking at the mountains and doing LOTS of yoga, I would wander the streets and see what seemed interesting. There are heaps of meditation and yoga centers around Pokhara. I spent most of my time at this one place in the center of Pokhara on the main street that gave daily singing bowl community sessions (by donation). Before and after we’d drink tea, play music and do yoga… and headstands. The singing bowl meditation was so beautiful. We’d all lay down and meditate while two people went around with different sized singing bowls (different sizes emit different vibrational frequencies) and play them near our different chakra points. This has been one of the deepest and easiest ways for me to meditate. Of course meditation is different for every person and for each person, it’s different every time. Immediately in the beginning of the singing bowl meditation, I entered a deep state of meditation. On one occasion, as soon as the bowls started, it was like I had submersed underwater, in a deep state of bliss… which was so incredible after being land-locked for a couple of months.

Osho centers

At one of the many Osho meditation centers, I bought books that were $1 each and just read and read… and in between drew mandalas while listening to music and gazing at the Himalayas.

I went on mini hikes and enjoyed all the nature surrounding Pokhara. I loved watching all the religious rituals going on; the ceremonies I couldn’t understand and the men washing off in the lake every morning. I befriended fellow travelers; grabbing a tea and  exchanging our travel stories. I met a 60-year-old Aussie bloke who had just went solo hiking over his first glacier… and all the meanwhile I was bit by a dog and had to get a rabies shot- which one of the guys who worked at my hotel graciously helped me out – bringing me on the back of his motorbike to the nearby clinic.

It was a different kind of Pokhara adventure. I enjoyed the mountains and the lake. The utter peace, peace, peace. I would have stayed longer if I could. Pokhara is a pulsing vibration that draws many people around the world in… and you’d be pleased to stay here for more than 10 days… even without doing a trek (but if you do decide to trek… please check out the Mardi Himal trek… amazing!!). It is a place to tap into you and invest in all the things that make you happy.

Oh Nepal, you are so special.

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