planted in OZ

My year in Australia on a working holiday is coming to a close… which now seems hard to believe. I love this country. The smell of tea tree, kookaburras laughing, the rugged land. Beautiful coastline. Reef, surf.. more islands that I have yet to explore. Just walking outside and smelling the earth around me brings me great joy. It is a smell like no other place but Australia.

It’s the little things that make me laugh here; like everyone’s accent or the funny sayings and the way everything is shortened. “Hair gon?” means “how are you going?” I laugh every time. “G’day!” It’s just the little things that make you feel like, this is great…I’m in Australia. Muso, servo, bottle-o, rego, margs, dishie, deckie… it kills me. It’s nationwide, even on the tellie.

I get stoked over the wildlife you’ll find only here. The seadragon, wombat, koala, kangaroo, echidna, quokka, emu…. besides the scary stuff, the animals are pretty relaxed just like the people. They’ll even be pretty happy to take a selfie with you.

Exploring here is endless. It’s pristine. The land feels old. Everyone is just keen to enjoy the outdoors, some music, some drinks. Pretty simple. Just enjoy life with the friends around you.

I learned this community is not built overnight. I lived down on the Mornington Peninsula for the last 10 months. Through joining yoga, working different jobs, and finally finding a job in diving; I found my people. I found what made me happy down here. A lot of people may find it strange to travel and to stay in just one place, but I guess I’ve never been truly interested in…travelling. It’s nice and all… but finding people, places, coffee shops that you can get to know and build a connection with fills me up much more than traveling.

I enjoy sticking it out to look back and see what a good experience it was: how I’ve learned and grown. I’ve liked being planted to let that happen. It’s a storybook rather than just a glimpse of, oh yea, that place was pretty beautiful. It’s a good feeling to know you’ve lived somewhere, seen it through the good and the bad days, the summer and the winter…to better understand what fills you up. I gotta say – winter still ain’t my fave! Just keep following those heart intuitions…

If you’re thinking of coming to Australia on a working holiday, definitely do it ! It is a beautiful country. I also loved getting paid $25 an hour…sometimes even $32 on weekends. It’s pretty sweet. If you’re coming to earn some extra cash, great… but realize everything is relative. Just enjoy yourself and don’t take everything so seriously. Who knows when I’ll be back to oz? It took me a whole five years to return after my first trip here. Just enjoy this wonderful country.

So I think that’s all for now. I have made too many memories to count… and most of them are just from random adventures out exploring nature. Come explore, on land and below the ocean 🙂

With my lovely Aussie boyfriend, we begin a road trip in about a week from Melbourne to Perth. I’m excited to road trip (the epitome of enjoying this great big country with gorgeous night skies) and to be free… seeing more of these endless gorgeous views… and just LIVIN’

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