Patches of happiness

Ups and downs. Life is always described as a rollercoaster, and it’s definitely true. When I look back at 2017, my whole year and half of travel just sits in one box of nostalgia. I left home with that one way ticket to Nepal, knowing it would be sometime until I returned. Well, I can’t even tell you how many times I told a friend – I’m coming home! That’s it! – through all the downs I encountered along the way. Home is a safe place. Where I don’t need to try. I don’t need to find a place to rest my head. People love me for me.

On the road, you’re paving your way constantly. You learn to trust and maybe many times you think, dang! I shouldn’t have trusted that person. But anyways, you learn and learn some more… to the point that you might cry and call your friends and say you just can’t do this anymore. That’s good, though, right? We travel so we get to the brink of ‘I can’t do this’.. to show you that you can. Man! How exhausting!! Many people think traveling is that greener patch of grass. Well, maybe it is. But I also think your grass is pretty green, too. I’m envious of those happy enough to build a home and roots and not afraid to stay.

I like honeymoon phases. They last usually 3 months. Then I like to keep moving… stays exciting. Especially with lovers. Oh the relationships I’ve had that is built on two weeks to a month, where we dig into each other. This kind of love can last for a year, long distance. Then the mundane peaks it’s head in.. the truth is that we won’t see each other again. Ouch.. but time heals.. and then you get a message from one of these lovers down the road and you just think, how good was that !

A rollercoaster.

I’ve learned not to have any expectations. These will let you down. None at all, and you should be happy – most of the time. Especially when you go to a different country on a working holiday. Have none! You might think “ahh well I am qualified”… but you might have to work in hospitality for a bit and work at shooting for the stars. Magic can happen.. definitely! But don’t think it’ll happen overnight. Manifest, manifest, manifest. Things will work out.

Another thing I’ve learned is to narrow down everything to find my niche. I used to be fine applying to all sorts of jobs, saying yes to all sorts of requests.. but I’ve learned that there are things that make my soul happy. Ocean. Sun. Tropics. Diving. Yoga. Animals. Great lifestyle. Other travelers. These are a few. If these are missing, maybe I just won’t say yes next time. Wooo! Huge accomplishment for me who once saw anything and everything as a sure, why not? Experience ! Knowing more of who I am ! Woo!

My advice will always be: fill yourself up with everything that you love. Live your authentic self.. this means DO-ing what you believe in. When we do things we don’t agree with… our soul gets all kinds of stirred up. That’s like working for someone you don’t think is a good person… say yes to change and move on! I’ve worked countless jobs and have said “see ya later” in less than a month because it’s my life. I’ve never looked back on these choices. If you want to stop eating meat, be more ourdoorsy, start playing the violin– do it– not just say it.

I’ve been around too many people that use their words.. do it! I am no brick wall.. i can’t stand hearing the same old story repeatedly. Ask me for advice if you’ll actually take it into consideration. Stop smoking cigarettes if you really mean it! Stop saying you’ll stop — I want to see actions.

Okay! Rant over. Anyhow… traveling is a teacher. A great teacher. I don’t know how much longer the road will keep me but it does seem endless. It’s filled with friends, lovers, and experience. It may be a distraction, but I am still filled with curiosity… i received my underwater passport (my Divemaster certification) and I couldn’t be more thrilled to keep exploring my love around the globe. I believe getting certifications and degrees is a wonderful way to enrich yourself and explore the world. Find what you love and pursue it, outside and within.

There are patches of happiness.

Believe it and be true.

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  1. Laura Alling says:

    Kudos to you! Brave girl out there in a big world !! Follow your heart but always listen to your head.


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