Be fearless

Change… something I know is good for me. Something that I have cultivated for myself over the last two years especially, living in one place for no longer than typically 3 months. I want to learn different jobs, have new places to explore; I want to escape the mundane. I want to look forward to each and every day and not know what the day is going to bring until the day ends. I sometimes think I must have fear of commitment due to this pattern. 

I’ve learned much about myself however. I’ve learned what I definitely don’t want in my life and what are the secret ingredients to my happiness. I’ve learned to change my situation when I’m not happy (maybe I could stick things out a bit longer?). I’ve learned to take everyone I meet as a teacher.. which can still take some time to set in. What matters is being able to remain in peace despite it all. To come back to the peace. So much can shake us up and when being far away from home, we can also forget for a minute who we are. The key is to finding those key bits that make you happy, to remind you of all that good that is you. 

Here’s some love I need to share:

You will soar to new levels by going out of your comfort zone, by laying new roots. Love will be the foundation for all you do. We all search constantly for a place in the world. What you don’t realize is that where ever your heart leads you is where you are supposed to be. Just keep showing the world your beautiful soul. With every struggle, there is strength gained from every problem encountered alone and wisdom that is drawn from each one of life’s hurdles. You are never alone. It is through all the trials and tribulations that you have been through that you are able to help others. Just remember that every problem is a gift from God, intended for your souls growth. So when a problem arises ask yourself, what can I learn from this? Knowledge is power. Love is everywhere. Keep your heart open and look at an individual that enters your life as another opportunity to learn about love and the different kinds of love shared by human beings and animals. Love is who you are. It is who we are now, pure love. Be fearless. 

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  1. Kimberley says:

    SO Beautiful girl ❤ ❤


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