Aum, you are perfect

“When the dust settles.

And you can finally look in the mirror.

At the woman.

Who survived through it all.

Through the failures.

Through the flaws.

You’ll realize.

That even as fragile as you are.

You are unbreakable.” – Unknown

How have I gotten here? A year later sitting in the same tattoo chair in nepal. This time I’m here to get a tattoo for me. To remind me of the light and love I am… to remind me of the woman I am, of the women around the world that are strong, resilient, and loving. We suffer many obstacles and hardships by being a woman.. I stand strong in the power of being a woman. I create life. I am nurturing and emotional and giving. 

I will not waiver in my belief of love and you will receive love. Karma, baby. So to anyone that tells you that they are tired of being the nice guy, listen with your heart, your soul. You deserve sunshine and yes it’s not always easy but there is a difference between true love and dependency. Love is not parasitism. Love is spiritual growth for a better humanity. Remember, how would you treat someone? – if you are not being treated in that way, then walk away now. Life is too good and too short not to live it boldly with love, shining love. 

Divine guidance from tarot cards and a beautiful friend: 
 Your past- life has brought you Here to teach you something and it is a struggle and it is difficult but it is not because you made a mistake or a bad decision…you fought for love and put yourself out there. Sometimes things don’t work out and that is normal. Life is a teacher. 

Present- stand your ground. stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Remember why you are working for all hands…to help others. You are making a difference. Don’t be pushed out.
Future- positive outcome. You will reap the rewards of your hard work and determination. There is a light at the end and you are in fact the light. It is difficult now but things will change. I sense the tables will turn… Take this time off now to recollect and rejuvenate and then go back to your job and patiently wait for things to transform. Stay positive. You will get through this. Happiness is just around the corner.


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