Angels accompany us

The buzzing and lack of routine of a traveler. The people that amaze you from this side of the world – sharing all the snacks in their bag with you, like a mother, although we’ve just met – and the life long friends you’ll make that you would never have had crossed paths in the states. Ah hello again, the unprescribed path. Hello samosa. Hello days spent traveling. Two weeks have already seemed like an eternity of knowing new friends. I watch on, observing this culture so different from my own… yet it’s changing. Old traditions are becoming westernized. Even my piercing (boulaki) is something old people don’t do anymore- a thing of the past – ha ha ha, the people laugh. 

Here I am again, writing down my monkey brain thoughts. 

The next three weeks will be spent adventuring into the worst hit district of nepal to set up our new base with about 15 people. We will be building with bamboo… I am quite excited to be with the all hands crew, to be a part of something, working towards something.

A friend I met here said of these people that volunteer, you can see that we are all here searching for a something, like we’re desperately trying to find the part of us that is missing. 

A friend of mine here had seen that in me, as well, ah, well I guess you can’t hide anything. Especially when you volunteer here and live and eat and work and breathe and smell with these people 24/7.

I feel blessed to begin my journey…

And then the woman next to me burps onto me… different cultures.

Oh and just a word about the winding roads of the foothills of nepal and the driving… I’ve seen flipped over smashed busses and cars and landslides and the roads are one lane… you develop patience here or talk about some serious road rage. 

I’m on a 10 hour bus ride from pokhara to Kathmandu. It’s taking a while due to everyone in transit due to the end of the dashain festival (all nepalis travel to join there families during that time). My legs hurt a bit and I’m a bit tired but the woman sitting to next, Oomilla, has taught me much and is definitely an angel or my parents looking after me. 

I cannot wait to see the city of Kathmandu once we round one of these corners.

As for the future — I plan on being here in nepal for a while. Then onto Thailand again, then who knows where the stars will lead me. “Happiness is found there when it’s here…” 

Reaching the outskirts of Kathmandu the poverty is evident. People wear masks and the foliage is grey white due to the pollution. The busses exhaust spew black. Buildings that were damaged in the earthquake are still being demolished. Dogs drink from blue black stream water. Here I wonder if the world can survive this kind of pollution. 

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  1. Kimberley says:

    I love reading all of your posts ❤ I really miss your smile!


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