Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


 Namaste from Rishikesh, India. The last three months were fast flowing streams ending up here. 

I am totally yogi’d up here, entering my last week of my 200hr yoga teacher training. I am incredibly grateful to bow my head down to mama Ganga g before and after every practice. My days here look like this: 5:30-6 am cleansing (twice a week, neti pot {saline water through my nose} and attempting to shove a leather string down my nose and out my throat), 6-7:00 pranayama (breathing excersizes – some are pretty different to say the least), 7:30-9:00 asana class, breakfast, 9:45-10:45 anatomy, break and lunch, 2:00-3:00 methodology, 3:20-4:20 philosophy, 4:30-6:00 hatha yoga, 6:15-7:15 meditation. Wheeeew! It’s physically and mentally challenging – and when illness arises, which it’s bound to, it really pushes you and teaches you patience. 


This last week of teaching and exams will pass. Sometimes before the week starts (the week is Monday-Saturday), I don’t know if I’m capable of finishing another week. Jeeeesh my mind and body scream no, but hey- another week has flown by! I’m amazed by the inversions I was able to successfully do this week. It felt so incredibly amazing to do something you never thought you’d be able to do. Some poses have me utterly defeated and that feels so good, too. The progression makes you push harder. Patience! 

The last three months have been incredible. I left Indonesia with no plan. I flew to Singapore to visit an old friend; to Malaysia to couchsurf for my first time at the regalia apartments that has an infiniti pool overlooking Kuala Lumpar; to Koh Tao, Thailand to work towards completing my divemasters, and now I am here doing yoga. I am happy, following my heart, surrounded by likeminded awesome people. 

This week coming up will be my last week in Asia for a while. I fly home back to the states, back to my hometown, on the 13th of June. What an amazing year travelling I’ve had. I have experienced so many walks of life and have been exposed to so many religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam…

Just a recap of the last year: I graduated from the university of Tampa may 2015, from there I flew home for 5 days, I then backpacked thailand and Vietnam for 3.5 weeks with 6 girlfriends. I returned home and mid June I left to live in La Victoria, Dominican Republic where I lived in a shrine compound with nuns, where I volunteered at a nutrition Center (feeding, bathing, teaching young kids), doing small projects like laying concrete for nearby homes in the villages and delivering food, teaching English. I returned home for three weeks. I then made my way to Nepal, stopping in Qatar to visit a friend, near the end of September to volunteer with All Hands Volunteer for three months for disaster relief, which consisted of some hard physical labour- removing the stones from the fallen homes, building new homes; all the while living and breathing with 60 other volunteers and families that make you give it your all. I left at the beginning of December to do a vipassana meditation (11 days) in the foothills of Nepal. I then trekked the Himalayas (mardi himal) for a week. I returned back to Kathmandu at the end of December and flew to thailand to return to Koh Tao, to begin my divemasters. I stayed for a month and realised I had to leave due to my boss being less than awesome. I then went to Cirebon, Java, Indonesia for two months and taught chemistry and English to 8th and 5th graders, respectively. In March I made my way to Singapore and Malaysia, then back to Koh Tao, thailand. I lived there for 1.5 months while doing my rescue and divemasters course. Mid May I came to rishikesh, India to do my yoga teacher training. What a fireworks journey! Lines all over the map! Here’s some pictures to sum it up as well: 




Home- Martha’s Vineyard 


Dominican Republic 







I started my journey to help others through service and learn more about God. At the end of this journey, I still am searching. I always will be. The journey does not stop here. I’ve learned that I can’t be of service to others if my cup isn’t overflowing. It’s okay to end something early if I’m not happy. It’s okay not to be happy. Listen to yourself. Make changes if you can. Help only when you can. Treat yourself. Love yourself because love can’t be given if you don’t have it first. 

I’m excited to go home. As much as I don’t feel finished with this journey, I’m ready to stop, feel comfortable, think, get some big loving from my family and friends back home. I’m excited to let all this yoga knowledge sink in and continue my practice everyday. 

I’ll be going back home to earn money to come back to Asia in the next 10 months. I’ll be making my way back to Koh Tao so I can complete all the remaining skills of my divemasters. The projected plan in my head is to also volunteer again with All Hands Volunteer somewhere in Asia (project Nepal or project Leyte) and then head off to Australia again on the working holiday visa. Who knows what will turn out happening. I’m stoked my Asia adventure isn’t done yet though (I’m already missing my life on Koh Tao like crazy).

To all the people I met on this journey and to all those who supported me – thank you for your utter love and blissed out ways. I have learned so many lessons of generosity on this journey from all of you. Keep shining on and I am excited to see you all somewhere again. 

Rishikesh, India has me for one more week. Karma has gotten me here. Karma will take me where I go next. 

Nama Shiva. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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