A slice of happiness 

What do you do when your unhappy? Try to fix it. Change what is making you unhappy. Unhappiness starts within perhaps, but there are many outside factors that control this feeling. Let’s say work, where we spend most of our time can definitely have a large affect on this happiness. The city you live in. The people in your life or lack there of. I was experiencing unhappiness the last destination I was. I was very unhappy to the point that it was like my soul was being sucked out of me. It all starts with me, of course, but I know there are secret ingredients that will contribute to happiness (at least I think so).
I think the ocean is a secret ingredient for me.
I may be a cry baby– I definitely question this due to all the situations I’ve been in this year that have been a little less than perfect and I’ve so badly needed to escape from. But– I’m talking about the most recent experience where I was unhappy (I was working in Cirebon, Indonesia as a teacher).

I decided to change my situation, to try to put an end to this eating away unhappiness. I put in my resignation two weeks prior to the day I’d leave (a month before my expected end date). The next day I went into the school I taught in to be called into the principals office. I was then told that the school wanted me to leave that day, to pack up my things and get on a plane that very evening. They would be taking my sponsorship away that day so id be illegally in the country if I didn’t get out that evening. Woah! Was I shocked. I was in shock. Maybe if I had known the dire circumstances of ending my contact early, I would have thought twice. I packed up my things and hurried home to pack up all my things and figure out a plane out. The airport is 5 hours away by train and bus. I packed away everything quickly and kissed my kitten goodbye – unable to secure a home for her with another teacher before I left.

 I cried my eyes out, unsure of what I would do and where I would go, but I mostly cried for my cat who I loved so much and would snuggle with every night. Off I went by train. I stayed at a hostel that night in Jakarta. I bought my tickets to Singapore to see a good friend for two days. Now I am couch surfing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


 I feel confused and am still figuring out what comes next. At least I have a week in KL to figure it out, not only 30 minutes. May happiness be found within myself and may I find a slice of it at my next destination. 

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  1. Awwe the photos kills me, your little darling looks so sad to see you go also. How painful for you both. Good read and quite upsetting that they would turn around and take your sponsorship just like that. Glad to be sharing the next slice of your journey with you xx


  2. Ashley says:

    Tiffany, I love you. That photo kills me also


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