I set down my roots just to rip them up again


I’m not ready to say goodbye to koh Tao yet. I want to stay and enjoy the luxuries here. I love my outdoor yoga at grounded, drinking coconuts and matcha on the beach, walking home to my bungalow on sandbars, my cat waiting for me on my porch, eating at all my favourite vegan restaurants, my sunrise run and yoga on the beach – and of course I love diving. 



I sit now at vegetabowl drinking my say chai – bananas, chai, flax seeds and coconut milk. 

I leave on the ferry out of here in 2.5 hours. I was given my flight itinerary yesterday from the principle at a small school in Indonesia. I’ve got to hurry to Bangkok for the flight that leaves tomorrow (Saturday, 11:25 am) to Jakarta, Indonesia. I feel like I had no time to enjoy the splendours of this island, to explore and play in the ocean. No time because I was working at the dive shop desk. 

My boss at Siam Dive Center (where I was working towards earning my dive masters) turned out to be bipolar and verbally abusive. Every ounce of his being emanated a self-righteous kind of evil. The last two days I cried once leaving work. I didn’t want my soul and mental state to suffer because of my boss. But now my boss will not pay for the last 3 weeks of work. I expected this. At this point I am just stoked to leave his power he held over me. The world is too big to suffer from this one person, one dive shop. I will find a better opportunity to get my dive masters. 

For now, the opportunity I’m leaving for is to teach biology at a school in cirebot, Indonesia. My friend, Natalie, taught at this school for two years and loved it. 

She lands in tomorrow to teach again for this semester, so we’ll be meeting each other in Jakarta – worked out perfectly hey! The school pays for round-trip plane tickets, transportation (van to school), housing, and I get paid. Pretty sweet deal, but now I just hope I’m a good teacher.

I am nervous and scared and excited. I pray that this is a good experience. I will be living with my friend so I won’t feel so alone as I did when I was volunteering in the Dominican Republic. I hope I don’t feel terribly judged for my appearance – my nose ring (I’ll have to take out), my dreads and coloured blonde hair, my tattoos (that I’ll try to cover). 

I’ll be teaching for a whole semester! That means I’ll be working there until June. Guess I’ll be home later than I had expected- may be home in July? Plans really always do change. 

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  1. Brittany Christensen says:

    Tiffany, I am so envious of all your travels!! You are a beautiful soul, inside and out! I am so glad you are enjoying all of these experiences, you are very inspiring. All the luck and love to you.


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