To love and be loved 


2016. As we draw near to celebrating the new year, we all often tend to do a lot of reflection and projection. I think back to 2015, and how I celebrated New Years last year and that feels like just a blink away. 2015 has been a great year (I became vegan!!!!)


At the end of 2014 I had a really rough time – with school, friends, dealing with depression, and becoming the best me I could be. With this transformation, life has become so beautiful and a continuous work in progress. Yoga and God were my savior.

 I found beautiful friends and mentors through what uplifted me. I stopped smoking and drinking – and by doing so I lost a lot of friends and felt weird, but my soul craved more. I went to 5 bible studies a week, yoga class 5 times a week, spiritual weekend retreats, played chess every week, I travelled, met a guy who became my boyfriend, went to art museums, reached out to family. 


 This satisfied my soul. I didn’t crave drinking and smoking and going out. I wanted to be the best me all the time; I didn’t want to wake up after a night of drinking and feel the need to apologize to my friend who I was less than a friend to when I was too wasted. I put my efforts into caring for those in my life; to spreading my love to those who give me love. 

I began to realize I am love and I am loved.

 This was a hard lesson for me to learn. I was orphaned by the age of 13 and felt unwanted by my large family of relatives. This year I learned to forgive! This ability has healed me in so many ways. I can have a relationship again with myself, my family, and let go of the pain it caused me. That ability began by forgiving God for the cards I was dealt, realizing that he loves me so much and that this is earth – it is not heaven. I was dealt these cards to use it as a stepping stone, not an obstacle; to be a better person because of it. I need to first live it to help others.

   I am so much love and I am so incredibly loved. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus took his own clothes and cleaned the feet of his disciples and said “go and do likewise.” That is what I want to be. In every act, small and large, I want to be a representation of who Jesus is. This involves cutting branches in my life that no longer bear fruit – realizing that not everyone in my life is supposed to stay. It also involves giving away possessions. Less is more, more for someone else that needs it. I have learned that God will always provide. Pray for something and that something will be there ‘magically’ within a couple of days. Whatever you may call it – positive energy works. Send out the higher vibrations and the people with good vibes will magnetize.

  Be the best you, strive for it! My New Years resolution is always to be a better me. So here’s some advice and positive energy to everyone as we enter a new year: meditate. Self reflect. Volunteer. Buy less. Go green. Eat less or no animals. Recycle. Pick up trash. Talk to family and friends regularly. Have no fear, just love. Nourish your body. Love yourself. Love the earth. Love animals. Just love, love, love. Move your body. Always do what you love. Travel – experiences come once in a lifetime. Be confidant because you are an amazing human being with a huge heart. You are overflowing with love. You are enough and then some more. 

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