Is this all a dream?


I sit now on a comfy couch-like-cushion on the floor against a wall in a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. I was just served raw, dairy free, gluten free carrot cake.  


I hear the ocean crashing against the shore, as this cafe, called Coconut Monkey, is on the beach. This is my happy place. Coconut Monkey specializes in green veggie juices and smoothies (made with kale, beetroot, cucumber – all that good stuff). I need these raw, vegan goodies to nourish my body. Let food be thy medicine…. Since arriving on Koh Tao (an island in the gulf of Thailand) I have sought out vegan restaurants and food. I have found quite a beautiful selection – if you find yourself on Koh Tao, here’s a few: Living juices, fitness cafe, vegetbowl, coconut monkey. You can find great salads, hummus platters, juices and shakes, organic peanut butter!!, nuts, super foods. It is awesome to treat yourself to a nourishing meal after a week of Thai food, which I have found to be a bit limited in its nourishment – although papaya salad and mango salad is a good choice for me. 

I’ve learned that food/nutrition is a big deal for me. I love it, and will spend a bit more cash on a good meal. 

That being said, I have $1000 USD to live off for the next five months in Thailand- I’ll be living on the island of Koh Tao for that time. 

 I hope to earn some cash to save me. I’m doing a divemaster internship with Siam Dive Center.   
I am earning my divemaster with this company. So the deal is, I work with them for four months. 22 days a week in the shop as the desk girl, and 8 days off a month diving – going towards my training of divemaster. So therefore my divemaster is free – and I get paid 6000 baht (~165 USD) a month (which covers my bungalow month rent). Pretty sweet. I get to talk to people all day about diving – yep, lovin it. I went diving last night and this morning. The water is my favorite place to be! The divemaster I went diving with today said to me this is the best job in the world, I get paid to dive. I couldn’t agree more. Diving is awesome. Come dive!! I’ll be here until mid May. 

I got to Thailand two weeks ago, coming from beautiful Nepal. The last month I spent in Nepal is mind blowing to think about. Did it really happen? Am I really here in Thailand? What is real? Nov 20-Dec 1 I was in vipassana (a 10 day silent meditation). Woah this was intense. My back has never been in so much pain as I sat on a thin cushion, no wall to support my back (you never know how much you love a back support until an experience like this). My eyes were shut for 12 hours a day. Where was the nature I love? I began to live life through intense dreams. I would wake up laughing, to only fall asleep again. I’ve never laughed so much due to nothing. I learned a lot from this experience. I think I’ll need to write a blog just on vipassana in the future. 

Following vipassana and all that silence, I trekked in the Himalayas for a week – another meditation entirely. It was so beautiful and pure. The silence and sunsets I experienced up there will remain in my heart forever. 




I then went to Buddhas birthplace, in lumbini (on the border of India), and had quite the terrible experience. Traveling was getting the best of my friend Jess and I. These last experiences in Nepal will need a blog on their own. 

For now, I am in Thailand.  


 It is beautiful here. When I arrived in Bangkok, coming from Nepal, I felt like I had culture shock! It is so strange to feel that here but I realized that Nepal was much less developed in so many ways. I’m sure you can imagine – Bangkok is filled with westerners and western influence. It is so clean here! No dust! What! Crazy. I love Thailand for all the green nature, oceans, fruits, COCONUTS! I love wearing shorts. Honestly, coming here and seeing everyone in their bathing suits and short shorts and tank tops was quite a shock at first, coming from conservative Nepal. It’s wild how just a plane flight takes me to such a new world. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    Tiffany. Sounds like a trip of s lifetime full of unusual experiences. Keep safe and keep smiling. Love Ms D💖💖💖


  2. Pranjal says:

    Amazing pics. 🙂
    Envy free birds like you. Great experiences you’ve had.
    Happy travels!


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