Boulaki, tattoos, and vipassana 


I sit now getting a tattoo… Figure I’ll take the time to write. Tattoos are super cheap in Nepal, typically at a rate of $20/hr. This year, the 22nd year of my life, has been decorated with tattoos. I’ve come to the point in my life where I’ve realized I want to do what I please, enjoy life in this physical world – not that tattoos are required for this enjoyment, but why not? This body is temporary. 

 I have decided to leave All Hands Volunteers this Friday, a week early. I’ll have volunteered here in Nepal for two months at that date. I’m finishing early because I’ve injured my left hand and right wrist;  my left hand will take 6 weeks to heal. 

  So instead of hanging around base, unable to work and convincing myself to work before I’m healed, I’ve been accepted to attend a vipassana (10 day silent meditation) this Friday. It will be good to have this time to heal my hand, tattoo, and hopefully my mind as well. 

A vipassana is intense. 10 hours a day I will be meditating. Over the last year I meditated 20 minutes two days a week with a group. At the start it was difficult to center my mind but after several practices it became easier. I became able to have a more peaceful mind during my days. 

 Silence will be  quite the contrast to my time volunteering in Nepal, living at times with 60 people. I think it’s what I need now. My friends who have done a vipassana say that you work through your whole life during this time, dealing with things you thought you’ve already dealt with. It’s hard. Over the last year, one I’d say was the hardest of my life, because I was finally dealing with and conquering problems I’ve had in my life head on. I’ve made HUGE strides. I’ve stopped drinking and smoking for now over a year. I’ve learned that I need to cut branches in my life, such as some friends, in order to bear new fruit and grow. I’ve discovered and became to know a beautifully good God. A lot has surfaced and changed this year. A 10  day silent meditation will be intense but a time for growth.  

 After I am finished, on December 1st, I’ll be meeting my Aussie best friend Jess and beginning a week trek up into the Himalayas (we’re thinking Annapurna base camp). Talk about a spiritual journey I am about to embark on!  

 I’m super sad my time volunteering with All Hands is coming to an end. Two months has flown! I am so grateful and joyful for the time I’ve spent with this NGO. I have met and worked with the most inspiring people. Thank you for being 100% you – it really can’t be hid when we spend all waking hours together. I strongly recommend you volunteer with All Hands anywhere and any chance you get. You’ll make a difference while loving life and making lifetime mates. 

Until next time,

Peace xoxo

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  1. wesblueyes says:

    Love hearing about your journey! Beautiful photos! I miss you so much!


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