Namaste Nepal 

Namaste from Kathmandu, Nepal.

 I have been living and volunteering here (with All Hands Volunteers) for nearly two months. I have been travelling and volunteering for the last 7 months, since May. Here’s my timeline: I end volunteering on November 30th. My Aussie mate arrives and well travel Nepal together for two weeks. I’ll leave to go back to Thailand mid December to work with a dive company, called Mojo Divers, on Koh Tao for a while (5 months) to earn my dive masters and hopefully my instructors too! I am so stoked for the beach after months of being away from the ocean. Then once May rolls around, the plan is to go to Rishekesh, India for a month to earn my yoga instructor certification – with Shiva Yoga Peeth.

Quite the plan! Plans change but this is the projected plan for now. I worry about money but I have learned that everything works out. If I pray about something, nearly immediately following my prayers/positive energy is answered with what I need. For example, over the last month I’ve been concerned with money and thinking heaps about budgeting. I was sitting in a western restaurant (OR2K – vegan/veg) and a man came up to me and asked if I wanted to be a movie extra for two days and earn $200. It turned out to be legit and fast cash when I really needed it. I’ve earned the money to travel through bartending and extra school loans. I’m going after what I love – helping others, the ocean, and yoga, which is another way I can help others and myself. Gofundme has also floored me in the way that friends, family, and people I don’t know support me on this journey. Thank you for the love !! Any donations are so helpful in continuing my time here, volunteering and pursuing what sets my heart on fire. If you aren’t able to donate, please spread the word- it is much appreciated!!

Nepal is beyond words full of love. The Nepali people are among the most friendly and inviting people.

     Within a day the people become family. The volunteer work I’ve been doing here with All Hands Volunteers has included clearing rubble from fallen down houses, building a hospital with bamboo, laying down concrete floors, and making the structure of homes with wire, poles and bricks.

    I have loved every second of this challenging work. My body hasn’t too much though. I’m currently struggling typing this with one hand since a boulder crushed my hand in a rock chain last week. I’m praying for fast recovery for my next last two weeks of work. Cold showers on base for the first month and half also didn’t help my health. I’m finally okay! Just now my hands and wrist needs to heal.

My favourite experiences here have been in the mountains, living in villages, in tents. It is much more of an integrative experience with the community rather than when I live in Kathmandu. My first experience was in Chautara, sindapuchuck, which is the most devastated region of Nepal from the quake that hit nearly 6 months ago. I stayed in United Nations tents which were $12,000 a tent so you could imagine how big and spacious they were. I felt honoured to spend time and live at this base. The bucket showers were super fun. The views of the Himalayas everyday were glorious. Here I worked with bamboo to build the second handicapped accessible building in Nepal – a physiotherapy hospital.

The second experience was the last week. I spent the week in a village in the mountains an hour and half out of Kathmandu. We, 7 volunteers and I, were clearing the rubble of 7 fallen houses. The village people became my family instantly. It was a beautiful, loving experience. We ended the week with them with a celebration for Diwali. All of the volunteers, about 30, arrived and we danced and ate. The girls of the village dressed all of the girl volunteers in Nepali dress and did our makeup. It was lovely and fun.

Come to Nepal! Support the economy! Volunteer with All Hands Volunteers. They are an NGO that is 100% transparent with their spending. You don’t pay to volunteer. They provide housing and food on the days you work (6 days a week). The staff, who most were once volunteers, are supporting and helpful. I recommend this organisation to anyone and everyone.

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  1. Kirsten Floyd says:

    It has been so exciting to read all about your experience in Nepal.

    My name is Kirsten Floyd and I am currently doing a business report on All Hands Volunteer for my Economics class for my senior year of high school. I have always wanted to volunteer for All Hands and I thought this would be the perfect time to do intense research and present it to my class and see if anyone would want to join me someday. Reading this has shown me that I truly want to volunteer and travel around the world to help people in need. I will be attending college this fall with an Atmospheric Science major to become a Meteorologist, so natural disasters, naturally, interest me. Along with my studies of how natural disasters occur, it would be great to be on the other side and see how natural disasters affect the world.

    Please continue to volunteer and be an excellent human being that I can imagine you already are.

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    1. Wow that is so amazing! Awesome, I am way too excited for your future plans. All hands is absolutely one of the best things I have done and I can’t wait to volunteer with them again. Nepal is a wonderful country. Thank you for the love! Good luck on your project and enjoy the rest of your senior year!!


    2. Ann Harach says:

      I suggest looking into Millersville University’s emergency management degrees. They have a wonderful meteorology program and an incredible emergency management degree – bachelor’s and master’s.


  2. Katarina says:

    Hy, how long have you been waiting for response from All hands (if you can come to Nepal) ? Thank you! 🙂


    1. I waited about a month!!


  3. Hello,

    I need more information how to be part of the team to help out.



  4. unbesitodebeauty says:

    hi there!

    I just recently finished a month with All hands Houston. I loved it! I was interested in continuing this volunteering experience. Nepal sounds amazing but I am a little nervous about it. Did you feel safe? What was it like getting to the base…?



    1. I’ve never felt safer than in Nepal! Phenomenal people.. the information the volunteer coordinator will give you is very easy to go to the base… best decision I’ve ever made !! Great to hear you were in Houston… my friend Maria was there as well 🙏🏼


  5. Roshish KC says:

    hi there!

    nepal is one of the most beautiful place,so please visit the Nepal!thank you!

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  6. Himalaya Hub says:

    One of the best place to visit. “NEPAL”. So if you are thinking about visit Nepal. We(Himalaya Hub Adventure) are there for you. Travel, Tours, Treks.


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