Bangkok: please sir, turn on the meter

Hello from Bangkok! It’s 6 am and the sun rise is beautiful. I laid on the hard king size bed in our hotel near the airport, after 24 hours of flying, not including layover time, and only 3 hours of sleeping on this blessed bed, not wanting to get up yet. But I heard the sound of birds chirping and I knew it was sun rise. Sun rise will get me up no matter the circumstances. Wow what a beaut! Em and I are sitting on the little balcony we have, meditating on the the sounds we here. We concentrate on one sound and then move to the next. The sound of the bus rumbling beneath us, the kids little voices chirping as they walk down the street, doors closing, the sound of a motorcycle, the flip flop of sandals, a crow of a rooster. Individually moving from sound to sound brings such peace.
The humidity is pretty real so in wishing I could strip down to bare minimum clothing. I’m heating up water so we can drink it. A women on the plane fell in love with us and gave us goodie bags of fancy chocolates and honey covered almonds and tea (the things business class receives). So we’ll be having tea shortly and I’m eating nuts for days.
Yesterday was Rachel’s birthday. A whole day of flying to celebrate her 20th birthday. Memorable to say the least. I was nostalgic of my 20th birthday in aus. I think her traveling to a far away place at the same time in her life is significant. It changed my life and it will change hers as well. She is passionate about working a job that deals with sex trafficking.
So yesterday, one of the longest days traveling in our lives presented to us quite a story. We flew from JFK > Seattle > Tokyo > Bangkok on delta airlines. Flying is one of my favorite things, especially when I get fed while flying. The food was okay, but my flight on Qantas airlines to Aus definitely had a better selection. Note: vegetarians! Tell your airline ahead of time that you would like vegetarian option. A one hour notice at the gate is not enough time. I’ve been eating around the meat in all of my meals. So the big eye opener yesterday was when we were getting off the 10 hour flight to Tokyo and RACH couldn’t find the bag of bracelets she had made, and we all made on the plane. Someone took them. This was a clear warning to us that we now had to be cautious. We’ve made a couple friends and they’ve warned us that bags can be stolen right at your feet at airports here in Thailand. Thank god for this small warning. It wa sad but could have been a greater sadness. The bracelets can be replaced.
As for my Vietnam visa, it seems like it’s going to work out. We fly there today around 2. In between these flights yesterday I hastily called the embassy and sent emails, bought flights and forwarded that information right before take off (hiding my phone from attendants while I did everything quickly). Time was of the essence. Classic! Only me. Stoked for Vietnam. Wish us luck!
Asia: To plan or not to plan? I learned you have to find a happy medium! I’m not a huge planner, but here you should pre book some flights and hotels. The cab here to the hotel was a test of our tourist skills, as Britt had advised us to make sure the meter was running! We could tell that he was trying to pull a fast one on us as he tried to say 2!!! We didn’t know what that meant, but insisted he start the meter or we would find another person to drive us. Our stubborn attitude paid off and we got a ride to our hotel for 120 Bot… Equivalent to $4! Not too shabby

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  1. tomg1992 says:

    I’m doing a trip to that part of the world in October, not sure what/how much to pack!


    1. Hey that’s awesome!! Heres what I packed and i definitely think its enough:
      1 pair of shorts
      3 tank tops
      1 tshirt
      1 pair of sneakers
      1 pair of socks
      1 pair of sandals
      1 towel
      2 bathing suits
      1 money belt
      Bring stuff you wouldn’t be upset if you lost it. Don’t bring anything white. Be comfortable! I brought such little stuff to buy stuff here. It’s cheap and you’ll fill your bag with heaps of stuff before you know it.


      1. tomg1992 says:

        Thanks! It’s gonna be so hot for me, I’m gonna have skirt-envy haha.


  2. Moritz says:

    Sounds like an absolutely amazing trip. Enjoy it to the utmost! Bangkok is a great city!


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